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Dr. Jim Eells’ Journey Towards Success

Dr. James EellsDr. Jim Eells is a licensed and certified physician and he has been in the health industry for more than 20 years. He is already considered an expert when it comes to concierge medicine or retainer medicine. Concierge medicine is the relationship between the primary care physician and the patient. The patient is required to pay his physician annually. On the other hand, if the patient needs the presence of his physician, he must always be ready and available to take action on this.

This kind of physician should make sure that he or she has given high quality service and care. Because of this, they are only required to manage limited number of patient so that physicians can give ample time and will be able to meet all his patients. Also, personalized care provider should not be confused if there are times that retainer medicine are called as membership medicine, cash-only practice or direct cash since these terms have similar meaning. And this is what Dr. Jim Eells does right now.

Today, concierge medicine is continuously developing and the practices are also flourished. There are several individuals who want to get easier access to obtain doctors and personalized care.

Dr. James EellsThis is one of the reasons why Dr. Jim Eells is providing such kind of service, personalized care, especially Las Vegas Nevada. Before, concierge medicine is related to words like high expenses and wealth but Dr. Eells is now the top physician in Nevada that offers inexpensive personalized care to every patient. He is even one of the physicians who are capable of delivering an exceptional personalized care. This allows the patients to have greater chance of knowing the best concierge medicine provider.

Dr. Jim Eells graduated from University of Nevada School of Medicine, through which in 1989, he was able to obtain his board certification, and this was handed to him by America College of Physicians. He already earned a degree before he enrolled on medical school. He is already a degree holder in Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry. After receiving his board certification in 1989, he also received his medical license in 1992. This is the time when he started his journey as licensed physician. All the things that he achieved from studying became worthy when he already began his journey in the health industry. Because of his excellence and dedication in practicing his profession, several titles was awarded to him like America’s Top Physician, Patient’s Choice Award and more.

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