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Who is Leodis Matthews?

Leodis MatthewsLeodis C. Matthews is an International Lawyer. He is currently working with the Dacheng Law offices, Creative Expertise and Client-Focused Solutions. Mr. Matthews is one of the most successful lawyer and attorney in California. He accomplished his Bachelor of Science Degree at Lewis and Clark Law School and completed his Juris Doctor at Northwestern School of Law.

He had his previous work with different law firms such as Leodis C. Matthews, APC, Matthews and Partners, US Department of Justice, Commercial Litigation Section, Civil Division. Mr. Leodis Matthews is known to be expert in Complex Civil Litigation, Merger/Acquisition, Real Estate Transaction, Corporate Finance, International Law, Federal Administrative and Employment Law, Government Liaison, Trial Lawyer and Corporate Legal.

Matthew had several experience in the field he is entitled. He became a Trial Attorney, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Special Trial Attorney, Senior Attorney and Deputy District Attorney. He is licensed with the Oregon State Bar, District of Columbia, California State Bar, Federal District Court Southern District of California, Western District of Washington, Oregon District and Northern District of Ohio. He is also authorized to be involved and engaged in the practice of law in Germany.

Leodis is active in any professional associations, wilderness hiking, enjoy sailing and outdoor sports. Leodis Matthews still have time doing his outdoor activities despite the busy schedule of being a lawyer and attorney. Of course, he will not reach these high achievements without his hard work and perseverance. Nothing is impossible to a person who really wants to achieve his/her goal in life.

Leodis MatthewsYou may be experiencing struggles and challenges at this moment, but don’t ever think to give up and loose hope. In life there will always be ups and downs. All you need to do is learn to face it with courage and be strong and brave in facing them all. Matthews did never give up on his aim to achieve success. He do everything just to survive all the hardships and disappointments he had on the way to success.

Leodis Matthews has always been a good lawyer. He can assure you that he has the abilities and capabilities of being a good lawyer and attorney. He is credible enough to handle legal counsel and legal documents. When looking for someone to help you regarding legal matters, remember to choose the right person. You must check the credibility and accuracy of the educational attainment, work experience and license provided by the attorney/lawyer. Your ideal lawyer or attorney might be as good as Mr. Leodis Matthews.

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